Travel period

Travel period

Are you doubting to come join us in the winter or summer period? No worries! Morocco is a nice destination to visit throughout the entire year. The winters have bigger swell while the summer brings warmer days to chill at the beach and work on your tan ;).

Below we explain more about the climate and waves in Morocco throughout the year. 

For now, Ilyana Surfhouse is only open in the winter, so this decision is easily made..!


Morocco is a popular holiday destination to skip the winters in Europe. Nevertheless, Morocco is as well a nice destination for a summer surf holiday.

Rabat is located on the Atlantic coast, in the North of Morocco. There is a mild climate with spring-like winters and sunny summers. Advise for clothes; take layers with you! This way you can always adapt to the weather.

Water temperatures do not drop below 17 degrees. This makes sure that in summer you can surf in a 3/2 wetsuit or even boardshorts/bikini. In the winter a 4/3 wetsuit is recommended for the ones who tend to run cold quickly.

View from the fort Rabat


Morocco is known for the consistent swell on the Atlantic coast. The best season to come and surf awesome waves is during the winter months. From October until April it is rarely flat whereby the variety of beaches can always provide the right waves for your level of surfing. 

Between May and September, the waves are a little less consistent but still have enough power and height for any level of surfing. Learn more about the surf spots around Rabat. 

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