Ilyana Surfhouse

Ilyana Surfhouse does not yet have a fixed accommodation. For now, we focus on the surfcourse and we keep dreaming of buying our own house. A Moroccan home for every surfer to spend their holidays surfing, relaxing and exploring Morocco. 

At the moment,  we organise your entire trip so you know for sure everything will be arranged well and of quality. Therefore we found several lovely houses for our guests to stay. Below you can read more about the vibes we offer. 

Moroccan home near the beach

We arrange a typical Moroccan home for our guests in the old Medina of Rabat. This is the area of Rabat where Ilyass Gougali, owner of Ilyana Surfhouse, is born and raised. Ilyass is a local in this little maze of streets and is excited to show you around. The medina of Rabat is located only 10 minutes walk to the beach. Learn more about the medina of Rabat. 

For your stay we arrange the possibility to stay in a hostel-vibe Surfhouse or in the family based homestay of the parents of Ilyass. Both places are small scaled accommodations with a Moroccan touch. 

Private room


Ilyana Surfhouse offers cosy shared houses for your stay in Rabat. The houses have different bedrooms suitable for friends, families and couples. All bathroom facilities are shared. Furthermore there are different inside- and outside areas to relax before, after or in between surf sessions. 

  • WIFI is available in the shared areas
  • Surfboards can be stored safely

Do you want to visit Ilyana Surfhouse with a big group or family? Mention to us what your requirements are, and we will find the most suitable accommodation for your surf trip. 

Food & Drinks

During your stay with Ilyana Surfhouse, we arrange breakfast and home cooked dinners throughout your entire stay. Breakfast is served in the shared area at times depending on the surf. The dinners will be homely cooked with a little help of the sister and mother of Ilyass. 

Lunch is included on days that you are joining the surf activities. This will be prepared during the breakfast at your own hand. 

During the day there is free tea and coffee to take. As well we will provide every guest on their first day with a big bottle of drinking water that can be refilled from a water container in the house. This way we reduce the use of plastic and drink enough water every day!

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