The city of Rabat

Ilyana Surfhouse is situated in the capitcal city of Morocco, Rabat.

Rabat is an international oriented city, that has enough to offer to stroll around for a couple of days, next to your surfing activities. There is a lot of history in Rabat to be found, but as well newly created yacht-harbours to visit. 

As Rabat is the hometown of Ilyas, he will take you with him on a trip along the highlights, but as well will show you the hidden gems of this lively city. 

The Medina of Rabat

Most surfers will associate ‘Medina’ as the famous surfer ‘Gabriel Medina’ but no, we do not speak about a person. The medina is an old part of a city or town, is typically walled and has small streets, fountains and mosques. Before the French came to Rabat in 1912, the medina was all there was of the city of Rabat.

Ilyana Surfhouse is situated in the old medina of Rabat and therefore it will be your home throughout your stay. Day one you might get lost once or twice, but afterwards to will find your way around. Not a good sense of direction? Do not worry! We will give you a map so you won’t get lost in the tiny streets, and find your way to the treasures of the medina. 

The medina is full of traditional shops and restaurants. If you are hungry you can find a quick snack at the street called Mohammed V and for a more relaxing sit down there are as well hidden restaurants with real Moroccan cuisine. For shopping you are in the medina at the right place. You’ll find groceries, clothes, kitchen gear, etc… Actually I think you could buy anything at the medina! Most famous are the Moroccan craft shops that contain a variety of items as leather footwear or handmade tajines. 

What I like the most about the medina of Rabat is that it is a place where locals and tourists meet in a natural and friendly way. You’ll be able to walk without at every corner be asked to buy something or join a tour. 

Kasbah des Oudayas

The Kasbah des Oudaias is a beautiful fortified city, overlooking our favorite beach of Rabat.  The blue streets of the Kasbah lead you from the great gate ‘bab oudaya’ to the oldest mosque of Rabat. Wander around in the flower garden, or enjoy a Moroccan tea or coffeea at the kasbah café. The small museum inside the kasbah can tell you everything about the history of the kasbah and the city Rabat.

Want to check the waves for a next session? Keep walking towards the front-platform wherefrom you oversee the ocean and waves from above.

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