Travel to Morocco


We love Morocco! This is not only because it is the birth country of co-founder Ilyass Gougali, but as well because of the many great characters that this country offers. 

But why do we love Morocco? And why do we want to share our love for this country with you? 

Read more about our favorite things of Morocco below and come to visit us!

Moroccan family

Moroccans are one of the most welcoming people that we know. Even though a lot of the national holidays are celebrated behind closed doors with families, you could easily knock on any door and ask if you could join them. They will love it! 

Travelling to Morocco you will find out that Ilyana Surfhouse is a family-based and surf-oriented get together. Not only because Ilyass his family will be around every day, but as well because you will be treatedd as a new member of the family. 

Catching wave at surflesson

Great waves & sun!

We love Morocco because of the great waves that this country has to offer, and the sun that is shining most of the year.

Ilyana Surfhouse is situated in the capital city of Morocco, Rabat. Close to Rabat, there are a lot of surf spots to catch beautiful waves. Are you in for another adventure? Then you can find surf spots along the whole coast of Morocco. 

We prefer the waves around Rabat as these waves are consistent throughout the entire year, and it is less crowded than in the most popular South of Morocco. Find out more about the best travelperiod to visit Rabat

No stress!

Want to meet up with a friend? Just knock on his door and see if he is at home! Or find anyone that you know on the streets in the evening. We love Morocco as everything is relaxed, and there is no need to stress. Definitely no stress when you are visiting us and coming for holiday, but the stressless vibes are also to be felt on the streets. Nobody is in a rush and everyone lives day by day. 

Visiting Ilyana Surfhouse you will as well feel the ‘no stress’ vibes. We live day by day, and surf when the tides are good for it. If we set up a time to have breakfast, you as well do not need to worry. We will be in time ;). 

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