Terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Ilyana Surfhouse. Below you find all our terms & conditions regarding traveling and performing the surfsport.

Travel conditions

The given terms and conditions are set by Ilyana Surfhouse and counts for all customers booking a service of Ilyana Surfhouse. Ilyana Surfhouse is not a member of the ANVR and therefore no travel agency, but an host in the country of Morocco. 

Booking and payments

To book your trip with Ilyana Surfhouse you confirm the received travel proposal by filing in the confirmation form on the website. After filling in this form the booking of your trip is complete. After max. 48 hours you will receive a booking confirmation for your trip. May it be the case that some of the services we offer are not available, we will do our best to offer you an alternative.

A trip to Ilyana Surfhouse booked by surftrip proposal does not require a pre-payment. Guests have the possibility to pay on arrival in the accommodation by cash in EURO or DIRHAM. 

A trip to Ilyana Surfhouse booked with SurfgirlsNL requires a pre-payment of 20%. This payment needs to be fulfilled to complete the booking. More information on the transfer-details can be found in the booking confirmation. 

Cancellation or change of trip

Ilyana Surfhouse offers the flexibility to change or cancel the trip up until one week before arrival without costs. Ilyana Surfhouse is not responsible for the costs made to change or cancel the booked flights to Morocco. 

Cancellation of the travel agreement by the traveler must be done in writing or by e-mail. We charge the following amounts for canceling the trip to Ilyana Surfhouse, which will be recovered from the booker for the trip:

  • 24 hours after confirming the surftrip and at least 56 days before the arrival date, the cancellation costs are 10%.
From 29 to 55 days before the arrival date of the trip, Ilyana Surfhouse will charge 20% of the travel sum.

  • From 14 to 28 days before the arrival date of the trip, Ilyana Surfhouse will charge 40% of the travel sum.

  • From 8 to 13 days before the arrival date of the trip, Ilyana Surfhouse will charge 70% of the travel sum.

  • From 7 days before arrival and also during the trip, 100% of the travel sum will be charged.

Travel Insurances

Ilyana Surfhouse is not a travel agency but a hosting company in Morocco. Travellers to Ilyana Surfhouse have to arrange their own travel insurance for their trip to Morocco. Ilyana Surfhouse is not responsible for any delays during the travel to the Surfhouse and will pass the cost of missed stay on to the customer. 

Passport, visa and health

On our website we provide the information about passports, visa and health measurements in Morocco. It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and any necessary visas at the time of departure and during the trip. All travelers are further responsible for ensuring that the necessary vaccinations and prophylaxis are obtained in time prior to travel. For the protection of our travelers, we require travel insurance with medical coverage.

conditions regarding surf activities

Ilyana Surfhouse provides surf lessons and coaching sessions in Morocco. Below you will find all the terms and conditions that apply to your trip with surfing activities. 


* Safety of surfing has a high priority at Ilyana Surfhouse. 

* The participant is aware of the fact that use/rental of the materials, and participation in activities and/or lessons, both for him/her and for third parties, as well as for his/her property, and/or property of third parties, involves risks of damage – including personal injury, property damage and consequential damage.

* The participant explicitly assumes these risks for his/her own account.

* For the safety of the participants, safety instructions and other instructions given by instructors and staff of Ilyana Surfhouse, must be strictly followed by the participant.

* It is the participant’s own responsibility that he/she receives an explanation, attends the explanation, and pays attention during the explanation.

* Ilyana Surfhouse is therefore not responsible for possible calamities and damages, material or immaterial, including personal injury, if the participant is not aware of what is communicated during the explanation. The participant is aware that the explanation gives no guarantees that possible calamities and damages, material or immaterial, including personal injury, are prevented and the participant therefore safeguards Ilyana Surfhouse for this.

* For surfing a minimum age of 6 years and a swimming certificate is required.

* The participant is strongly discouraged from participating in surfing if the participant suffers from neck and/or back pain, is pregnant, has or has had heart problems, the participant has poor fitness, is short of breath, is under the influence of medication, drugs and/or alcohol. Ilyana Surfhouse is in no way liable for any consequences if the participant decides to participate in the surfing anyway.

* Ilyana Surfhouse accepts no liability for damage, material or immaterial, including personal injury, incurred due to (steering) errors, incompetence, collisions, cutting, defects in the materials used (surfboards, wetsuits, etc.) and accepts no liability for any damage suffered by the participant and/or other participants. The participant explicitly assumes this risk and fully indemnifies Ilyana Surfhouse.

* In case of reckless behavior during individual surfing and surfing lessons, including reckless behavior in surfing, in collisions, in cutting off and in deliberate destruction etc., the injured party or Ilyana Surfhouse can hold the participant liable for the damage suffered.


The participant will be asked to pay the below indicated amounts with damages on surf-equipment of Ilyana Surfhouse. Please note that this is an indication of costs. The actual costs can still vary. Ding 0-50mm = 300DH | ding 50-100mm = 500DH | ding 100-300mm = 800DH | ding 300mm or bigger = 1200DH | broken hardtop = 6.000DH | | Broken soft board = 4.000DH | Broken fin/leash/lost fin/= 350DH

* For groups, one person can fill out and sign the booking confirmation form, this implies that this person is liable for all participants and all participants have agreed to the terms and conditions.  

* Ilyana Surfhouse will perform each service to the best of its ability and is entitled to engage third parties in and for the performance of a service.

Insurances for extreme sports

* As mentioned in the above terms and conditions, Ilyana Surfhouse is not responsible for possible calamities and damages, material or immaterial. Therefore, Ilyana Surfhouse recommends taking a travel insurance policy with additional insurance for extreme sports.


In these general terms and conditions force majeure is understood, in addition to its definition in the law and jurisprudence, as all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, over which Ilyana Surfhouse has no control, but which prevent Ilyana Surfhouse from offering their services.

* Force majeure: strikes, death, fire, transport, blockage, acts of war and in general all unforeseen circumstances as a result of which compliance with the agreement can no longer be required from the contractor.

* Ilyana Surfhouse is not obliged to fulfill any obligation if Ilyana Surfhouse is hindered due to a circumstance that is not due to its fault and not by virtue of law, a legal act or generally accepted practice. This also applies to certain weather conditions. In that case Ilyana Surfhouse is authorized to cancel bookings and reservations and to propose another date and time to the participant(s).