Groups & Surftrips

Groups & Surftrips

At Ilyana Surfhouse you can book your surf trip to Rabat according to our packages, or join an organized surf trip.

It is even possible to organize your own trip for your surfing community or group of friends.  Read more below!

Surfcoaching week

2 – 9 December 2023 (Intermediate/advanced)
16 – 23 March 2024 (beginner/intermediate)


Surf coaching, fun and exploring

The surf coaching weeks of Ilyana Surfhouse are organized specially for the surfers who really want to progress in their surfing abilities. Our goal for this trip is to surf as must as possible and get better at surfing by practice, reflect and improve. As long as the conditions allow it, you will be surfing with guidance twice a day. Once will be an active coaching session and the second session will be a free surfing session under supervision.

Why ilyana Surfhouse

We differentiate our coaching with other places as with us you receive coaching from TWO perspectives.

 We coach from the water ánd from the beach at the same time. Ilyass will be with you in the water to make sure that you catch awesome waves, and Nina will be on the beach coaching you from a different angle. 

As well, Nina will be with the camera to make sure we have enough footage for a video analysis in the evening.

LEvel of surfing

We have divided the surfcoaching weeks in two different levels so every surfer will feel comfortable surfing the waves we find and can level with the surfers of the group. 

If you want to join at the coaching week but you are not sure about your levels of surfing? Just contact us!

For intermediate/advanced surfers:

An intermediate/advanced surfer should be able to catch the open face of the wave individually and start making turns. You are getting the bottom-turn in or are already improving your top-turns. Together we work on making your turns more radical and get your body in the right positioning. 

For beginner/intermediate surfers means:
You are practising to catch the waves individually from the line-up and learning to ride the open face of the wave. Sometimes you might find yourself in the wrong position, but we are there to help! You are getting to steer left or right and start making a bottom-turn. We will work on generating speed and gaining confidence in the water. 

Group size

Our coaching group is no bigger than 8 surfers and therefore you receive much personal attention from the surfcoaches.  

Young rippers kids surfweek

14 October –  21 October 2023 (with parents allowed)
10 February – 17 February 2024 (without parents)


FUN FUN, let's go have fUn!

During the Young Rippers Surftrip at Ilyana Surfhouse it is all about fun, surf and explore the beauty of Morocco. 

The kids will be surfing with guidance twice a day. Once will be an active coaching session and the second session will be a free surfing session under supervision. When the waves are not suitable for the level of the kids, Ilyana Surfhouse will arrange an alternative activity for the day. 

Together as a group

The kids will be staying at Ilyana Surfhouse in the old medina of Rabat. During this week, Ilyass and Nina, will be staying with them in the house for a 24/7 supervision. Kids will not be allowed to go surfing by themselves unless if parents have given permission. 


Of course, the main activity of this trip will be SURFING! But after two sessions in the water, there is still enough to explore in Morocco, and the kids might still have some energy left. Every day after the surfing we will plan a suitable activity for that day. This might be strolling through the city of Rabat, getting to the skate-park around the corner or making the Moroccan Pancakes by hand! 


For the Young Rippers Surf Trip, the kids will be travelling to Morocco by themselves. Luckily, they never have to be alone if they have each other. If you, as a parent, are not sure about letting your kid fly alone, it is always possible to book extra guidance at the airport through the airline. Ilyass and Nina will be waiting for the kids at the airport to pick them up and drop them off after an awesome week of waves.

Our Young Rippers group is no bigger than 8 surfers, and therefore, you receive much personal attention from the surf coaches.

Surfgirls @ Rabat

20 January –  27January 2024 
27 January – 3 February 2024

Starting from €750,-

Who run the beach, GIRLS!

“Wow! What an amazing trip it was last year with the Surfgirls at the Ilyana Surfhouse. Together with Ruth and Lisanne of Surfgirls, we will again go on a surf trip to make memories and share the stoke with other surfgirls.

The Surfgirls’ Surf trip to Morocco is all about sharing the stoke with other surfing women and exploring the beauty of Rabat. Moroccan local, Ilyass, and Surfgirl Nina will guide you to improve your surfing skills and gain confidence in (perhaps scary) waves, regardless of your level of surfing.”

Surf, yoga, skate and explore

Together with Surfgirls, we have created a beautiful program where we surf for five days and participate in other activities such as Yoga and a Moroccan cooking class. The surfing lessons will be provided for everyone’s level of surfing. If you want, we can surf two sessions a day. The first session is an active lesson, and the second session will be guided from the beach. If you want to explore the old town of Rabat, or perhaps you choose to have the afternoon off in the sun, that’s all good! You can do as much or as little as you want—it’s a holiday!

Food & Stay

The entire accommodation will be exclusively for the Surfgirls in these two weeks. There is a shared in- and outside area to chill and relax after surfing. Most rooms are shared and have bunkbeds. Do you want to reserve a room for yourself or shared with one friend? This is possible! The extra costs for a one-person private room are €75,- euro. If you reserve a two-person private room the extra costs are €125 euro.  There is limited space for the private rooms, so be quick! All facilities are shared. 

Breakfast and dinners will be served on the rooftop.

Shared room

Skiffa to Rabat Bay

24 February – 2 March 2024

Surf, surf & surf

“Skiffa to Rabat Bay” is an initiative founded by SurfingScheef Sandrine and Nina. These two surfers became friends surfing at the beach in Scheveningen. Now, they dream of sharing their excitement on the Moroccan waves, and organizing a trip together. This week is solely dedicated to surfing enthusiasts. No matter the level or surfing, as long as you share the stoke!
Throughout your stay, we will be surfing daily, driving to surf spots where waves roll in and catch the best waves of our lives. If we feel like it, we could go hiking in the mountains or learn to cook Moroccan cuisine. However, one thing is for sure- this week will be all about surfing. We see where the waves will bring us. 

Scheef & Rabat

Surfing Scheef hosts the Surfweek in Rabat for surfers from around Scheveningen and Haaglanden. All levels of surfing are welcome, both male and female. The group will have a maximum of 8 surfers. This way, there is much personal attention from surf coaches Ilyass and Nina. Is there a big difference in surfing levels? No problem! Ilyass will go with the advanced group, and Nina will stick with the beginner/intermediate surfers. Sometimes we might split up, and sometimes the waves are good for everyone in the same spot.

To get to know you and each other, Ilyana Surfhouse will organize a coaching session in Scheveningen once the week is fully booked. This session is included in your surftrip. 

Organise your own trip

Ilyana Surfhouse opens their doors for all kind of groups who want to experience Morocco and share some waves with us. Whether you are a surfcommunity, group of friends, high school class or local surfcoach; we love to welcome you at Ilyana Surfhouse!

Together with one or two contactpersons of the group we create a package that perfectly fits your wishes and needs. Use our contact form below to get in touch. 

Surfcommunities, high schools, friend groups or local surf coaching teams. We love to welcome you at Ilyana Surfhouse!

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