Partners of Ilyana Surfhouse

Partners of Ilyana

Ilyana Surfhouse has put their hands together with several brands and companies. We partner up, compliment each other and give our guests the best possible experience. 

Learn more about our partners and cooperations below. 

Protest Sportswear

Our main partner and sponsor is Protest Sportswear. Protest is set up by a group of snowboarders from the Netherlands. Yes, the Netherlands. Aside from snowboarding, the brand as well supports surfing and takes it to a next level of Boarding sports. Protest is a sportswear brand that want to make the boardsport accessible to all, and so does Ilyana! Together, we work on bringing happiness to the water, and help surfers to gain confidence. Both of us have just one goal; keep it fun and to help you get there! 

Ilyana Surfhouse owner Ilyass Gougali is a Teamrider of Protest Sportswear and therefore closely related to the brand. Check out their latest collections and what Protest does for the world


Boardbagger, we’ve got your bag! 
Be more sustainable, be more carefree and be more spacious at home by renting your top-of-the-line Dakine travel boardbag on your next surftrip. They have boardbags big enough to fit your entire quiver / to share with multiple friends, or smaller ones if you take less with. The boardbag is shipped for free to your house and after your surftrip you send them without any charges back to Boardboagger. 

Book your boardbag with a 10% discount with the Ilyana Code: IlyanaXBoardbagger


Megazinco is the SPF50 sunscreen you’ve always been looking for!
It doesn’t drip into your eyes and stays on your face throughout your surf session. It is suitable: for those who practice water sports and live by the sea, for those who face the mountains on the most demanding expeditions, but also for those who simply want excellent sun protection for themselves and especially for children. 

Thanks to the beeswax, Megazinco is balanced to be used both at low temperatures and in the tropics. To respect the deep bond with nature, Megazinco does not use petrolatum bases.

Megazinco is 100% natural. The bases used to create Megazinco are of vegetable origin. We are very proud of it!

Check out MegaZinco now!


The Sea. The Mountains. The Road – Wanderlusting Streetwear and Accessories. Conscious Streetwear mainly made in europe from organic materials. This is Anuell!

We love the brand Anuell as they are conscious of the environment and just have epic stuff! Looking steady with a cap and their sunnies! 

Check our their awesome brand via this link.

Hueys Choice SurfWax

Hueys Choice is tested and proven to be an exceptionally great surf wax with a range that covers the Tropics through to Icy waters of uncrowded bliss. We love to use this Australian Beauty.