How to get to Rabat

Ilyana Surfhouse is situated in Rabat. A traditional means of transport in Morocco is by camel. As this will take a while to arrive and probably will hurt your ass too much, we recommend some other means of transport.

By flight

When you are planning to get to Ilyana Surfhouse by airplane, there are several airports that you could possibly fly to. The closest airport to Ilyana Surfhouse is Rabat-Salé Airport. When booking your stay at Ilyana Surfhouse the pick-up and drop-off from Rabat–Salé Airport is included.

If flights to Rabat are not available or just incredibly expensive, you can as well check flights to Fez or Casablanca. If you want us to arrange the transfer for you, please let us know in advance.  

Booking your flight I advise checking Skyscanner. This website can provide you with the best flights from country of departure to one of the airports mentioned above. 


By ferry

Are you planning on making a road trip along the Atlantic coast? Come to Morocco by Ferry! Ferries depart to the North of Morocco from Spain and from France. A very sustainable way to avoid flying to your holiday destination. You can take your own car or bike with you.

You are at the ferry without a car? No worries! You can read below how to continue your trip to Rabat by train or bus. A transfer from the ferry is possible, but not included in your package. 

By train or bus

Morocco has a great train and bus system to reach the big cities. Are you already in Morocco before visiting Ilyana Surfhouse, or you want to get to Rabat with train or bus after your flight? Hereby some handy tips!

  • Train tickets can be purchased at the train station or pre-booked through the internet. Go to the website of the ONCF to check schedules and purchase a ticket.

  • If you are planning to travel by bus in Morocco, the best bus company to choose from in Morocco is CTM
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