Ilyana Surfhouse FAQ

  • Surfguiding
    Learn more about Surfguiding with Ilyana Surfhouse.
  • Is surf equipment included during my trip?
    No. The surf equipment is not included during your trip. You can rent surf equipment for €25,- euro per day. Wetsuit and surfboard.
  • How big are the groups?
    For the surf guiding, we do not have a maximum number of surfers for a group. We are all surfing individually and having fun together!
  • What level surfer do I need to be for surfguiding?
    You need to be able to catch waves individually on an intermediate/advanced level.
  • How long is a surf session?
    A surf session is in general two hours. Shorter if everyone is out early, or longer if the waves are firing!
  • What sort of wave will I surf?
    Waves that are suitable for your level of surfing. We try to find the surf spot that fits the wishes of the group the best. 
  • When and where will we go surfing?
    We don't have a fixed schedule for surfing. We go when the tides are good and where the swell will be best for your level of surfing.
  • Can I add video analysis to my guiding package?
    You can always add a video analysis to your surf guiding package. Ask us for more specifics!
  • Surfcoaching
    Learn more about surfcoaching with Ilyana Surfhouse.
  • Is surf equipment included during my trip?
    Surf equipment is included on the days that you booked surf coaching. If you want to rent surf equipment for an extra day, the costs are €25,- euro. 
  • What is the group size?
    We strive to have a max. of 6 surfers per instructor. This can be up to max. 8 surfers per instructor. 
  • What level surfer do I have to be for surfcoaching?
    With surf coaching, the instructor will most of the time be filming you from the beach. For this reason, it is important that you are able to catch waves individually. Are you in doubt about your level? Please ask us for advice!
  • How long is a coaching session?
    A coaching session is 2 hours.
  • What kind of board will I use?
    Preferably you surf your own surfboard! We believe that you can make the most progress if you can get used to a surfboard, and stick to it during your entire holiday. We do have surfboards for any level of surfing. You name it and we look for the board that suits you best.
  • What sort of waves will I surf?
    Waves that are suitable for your level of surfing. We will never force you to surf waves that you are not comfortable with. We do try to motivate you to push your boundaries to the next level. 
  • Will there always be someone filming during coaching?
    With the surfcoaching, we always try to film you for video analysis. Depending on the conditions, the coach can also decide to coach you from the water.
  • When will the videos be analyzed?
    We try to analyze the videos together in the evening, once or twice during your stay.
  • Surflessons
    Learn more about surflessons with Ilyana Surfhouse.
  • Is surf equipment included in my trip?
    Surf equipment is included on the days that you booked surflessons. If you want to book the equipment for an extra day, the costs are €25,- euro. 
  • What is the group size?
    We strive to have a max. of 6 surfers per instructor. This can be up to max. 8 surfers per instructor. 
  • What level surfing do I have to be?
    You don’t need any surfing experience to join our surflessons. Surflessons are suitable from absolute beginners until intermediate surfers who are starting to make turns on the waves.
  • How long is a surflesson?
    A surflesson is two hours. 
  • What sort of waves will I surf?
    Waves that are suitable for your level of surfing. We will never force you to surf waves that you are not comfortable with. We do try to motivate you to push your boundaries to the next level. 
  • What kind of surfboard will I use?
    The surf lessons are given with soft-tops. These are soft beginner boards. Would you like to use another board? Let us know and we arrange another type of surfboard for you.
  • Will there be my size wetsuit?
    Yes. We have sizes of wetsuits for all sizes of people.
  • Surfing
    We have the answers to all of your questions about surfing in Rabat, Morocco.
  • My travel group has different surf levels, is this a problem?
    This is no problem at all. You can choose to split up, or stay together. When you choose to stay together, the most advanced surfers of the group will have to adjust to the most beginning surfers.
  • Do I have to pay extra if I am the only guest surfing?
    Nope! It is your lucky day because you will get a private surf session!
  • Are private surflessons possible?
    Depending on the bookings at Ilyana Surfhouse, it is possible to book private sessions with us. Ask us for the possibilities. 
  • Can I go surfing by myself?
    Yes. Rabat beach is only a 5-minute walk from the accommodation and suitable for any level of surfing. Are you in doubt if the conditions are suitable to go out alone? Just ask us for advice. 
  • Is there a fixed surf schedule?
    No, there is no fixed surf schedule. We surf when the tides and swell is good for your level of surfing.
  • If I don't surf, can I join to the beach?
    If you have not booked a surf package, you can join us to the beach if there is space in the car.
  • Can I change my surf package during my stay?
    You can adjust the teaching method that you have chosen. The number of surf days is booked, but you can always add extra days. There is no cashback possible.
  • What if the waves are too big or too small?
    We will always try to find the best spot for your level of surfing. If there are no waves at all, we find a suitable solution for your trip. Perhaps a nice hiking trip, or another watersports activity.
  • Which surf spots are near to Ilyana Surfhouse?
    The nearest spot to Ilyana Surfhouse is Rabat beach. This is a beach which is nice for any level of surfing, with a big and small swell and with high and low-tides.
  • Where will we go surfing?
    This depends on the swell and tides! We always keep you updated about the plans the evening before.
  • Rabat
    Learn more about what you can do in and around Rabat. A lively city during the day, and in the evenings!
  • What can you do in the evening?
    Rabat is alive during the day, ánd in the night. Enjoy a stroll along the coast or walk around the medina. You can visit the fair, or find a nice party to attend in the club.
  • Is it safe to walk around alone in Rabat?
    It is safe to walk around Rabat alone. We do recommend wearing enough clothes when walking around and keeping your belongings close. Like in every other city in this world. 
  • What can you all do and see around Rabat?
    Check our blog about our top 10 sights to visit in Rabat!
  • What other activities than surfing can you do in Rabat?
    Next to surfing, we can go; sightseeing, kayaking, cliff jumping, sailing, SUP’ing. We can play games at the beach and in the surfhouse or play pool in a café. 
  • Can we make a daytrip to another city in Morocco?
    For sure! If you like it, we can arrange a day trip to Fez for you. Please ask us for the possibilities.
  • Weather and climate
    Learn more about the weather in Morocco and particularly in Rabat!
  • What is the weather like in Rabat?
    Winters in Morocco are between 17-20 degrees during the days and get down to 8 degrees at night. In the summer it can reach 30 degrees, and a refreshing dive in the sea is always nearby!
  • What should I pack for a holiday to Rabat?
    You can pack both shorts and long pants, t-shirts, and sweaters. Swimming costumes are surely needed, but we recommend bringing something to cover up easily when you want to walk around on the beach, or in town. In the winter, a jogging and thick sweater are a 'nice-to-have' for the evenings. 
  • Is it cold at night?
    The temperatures drop in the winter till 7 degrees. We provide enough blankets to sleep nice and warm every night. 
  • Which wetsuit should I take with me?
    In summer you can surf in boardshorts or shorty wetsuit. A 3/2 wetsuit is good for Morocco all year long. Are you planning on early morning surfs in the winter, or are you particularly cold quick? Then a 4/3 might be comfortable. 
  • What is the water temperature?
    The water temperature in Rabat never drops below 16 degrees. In summer the water can get up to 22 degrees.
  • Accommodation & Facilities
    Learn more about our accommodation in Rabat and the facilities we offer.
  • Do you have WIFI at Ilyana Surfhouse?
    WIFI is available in all shared areas, and if you are lucky it reaches your room :).
  • What kind of rooms does Ilyana Surfhouse have?
    Ilyana Surfhouse has shared and private rooms. There are double rooms and rooms for 4 or 6 people. Perfect for friends, couples, or families!
  • Can I visit Ilyana Surfhouse with a big group?
    Surely you can visit Ilyana Surfhouse with a big group! Just let us know what your wishes are, and we will make your surftrip unforgettable!
  • Can I visit Ilyana Surfhouse alone?
    Surely you can visit Ilyana Surfhouse as a solo traveler. Most of the time there will be other guests to surf or chill with, and otherwise, you have us!
  • Is Ilyana Surfhouse suitable for families?
    We support families coming to Ilyana Surfhouse. We can all surf together. If the kids are not at the age yet to surf, we can see on a surf schedule that enables the parents to both surf. Rooms are as well suitable for families. 
  • Is workaction an option at Ilyana Surfhouse?
    Yes! At Ilyana Surfhouse it is possible to work remotely and make it a workaction. The wifi is good, but might not support all day-long meetings. If you are planning on a workaction to Ilyana Surfhouse, please ask us for the possibilities.
  • What time do I need to check-in/out?
    We try to be flexible for the check-in/out according to your flight schedule. But in general, check-in is from 11:00 and check-out at 10:00. You can always leave your luggage at the surfhouse. 
  • Do you supply towels?
    We do supply shower towels for in the house. Beach towels are not included in your stay.
  • Is there a safe place to put my surfboard?
    There is a safe place to stall your surfboard at the surfhouse. 
  • Morocco & Ilyana Surfhouse
    Learn more about Morocco and the location of Ilyana Surfhouse.
  • Where is Ilyana Surfhouse situated?
    Ilyana Surfhouse is situated in the old medina of Rabat, the capital city of Morocco.
  • How do I get to Ilyana Surfhouse?
    If you are planning on flying to Morocco, the nearest airport is Rabat Airport. If these flights are inconvenient for you, we suggest Casablanca Airport. There are also possibilities to visit Morocco by ferry and continue your trip by bus or train. More information about this you can find via 'transport in Morocco'.
  • Do I need to bring my passport to travel to Morocco?
    You always need your passport to travel to Morocco. Check if your passport is valid for more than 6 months after arriving in Morocco, otherwise we suggest to request a new passport.
  • Do I need a visa to travel to Morocco?
    Travelling with a European Passport, you do not need a VISA for Morocco. Only if you intent to stay longer than 3 months. For other countries, please check this link.
  • How far is Ilyana Surfhouse from the beach?
    Ilyana Surfhouse is only a 5-minute walk from Rabat beach.
  • Is Ilyana Surfhouse suitable for families?
    Sure! We enjoy hosting families. It is the best way to inspire the next generation of surfers! Even if the parents don't surf. 
  • Is it safe to travel to Morocco alone?
    This really depends on your plans for the trip. You can easily visit Ilyana Surfhouse by yourself as there will be other guests and us, Ilyass and Nina. If you want to travel around Morocco, I, Nina, personally think it is fun as long as you keep your mind straight. For tips you can always write us!
  • What is the currency in Morocco?
    In Morocco, you pay with Dirhams. The exchange rate is about 10 dirhams equals €1,-. Easy calculations!
  • Can I use my phone in Morocco? Is there internet or Wifi?
    At Ilyana Surfhouse we have wifi in the shared areas. Do you want to have internet out of the house? We can help you buy a local sim card and get your own Moroccan 3G.
  • What plugs do you use in Morocco?
    The plug that is used in Morocco, is type F. This is the same as being used in the Netherlands, Germany and most other European countries. 
  • Food & Drinks
    Learn more about what we offer for Food & Drinks, and what you can expect from Morocco for this.
  • Can I drink water from the tap?
    The tap water in Morocco is not for drinking. We make sure that there are big bottles of drinking water so that you can re-fill your 1,5L water bottle once a day. Like this, we help reduce plastic and drink good water!
  • Are drinks included during my stay?
    Only a bottle of drinking water a day! Other beverages can be bought at the shops nearby. 
  • Do you cater for special diets?
    We will surely cater to your diets and allergies. Please let us know beforehand if there are any diets or allergies.
  • Are there alcoholic drinks available?
    We do not serve alcoholic drinks, but we can show you where to buy them. 
  • Which meals are included during my stay?
    Breakfast and dinners are included during your entire stay. Lunch is included only on surfing days.
  • What food can I expect for breakfast?
    During your stay, we offer a healthy breakfast with fruits and yoghurt, but also Moroccan specialties as Msemen or croissants. Coffee or Tea is served!
  • What food can I expect for lunch?
    Lunch is included only on surfing days. Food can vary from a self-made sandwich in the morning, or a nice tajine cooked on the spot.
  • What food can I expect for dinner?
    At Ilyana Surfhouse we serve homely-cooked dinners. No menu, but surely food that will give you enough energy to surf again the next day. We eat whatever we feel like. If you like to help cooking, be our guest!