About us

About Us

We are Nina and Ilyass, founders of Ilyana Surfhouse. Sharing our passion for surfing in the most beautiful country in the world has been our dream since we met each other!

How did that happen? Nice that you ask! Ilyass and Nina met each other while Nina was visiting Rabat to learn to surf for the first time. Knocking on a door in the medina, she was right in time for the lesson. Ilyass opened up and they had the most fun catching waves together.

So the story began!


Ilyana Surfhouse is a way of sharing our passion for surfing and the beauty of Morocco. Our mission is to help anybody to have fun and confidence through surfing. 

We are a flexible organisation that intends to always change the schedule due to the best interests of our guests. Ilyana Surfhouse has the vision to give every surfer personal attention in the water, by providing teaching methods fitting the best with your interests. Herefore we have set up different surfpackages

'Ilya-na Surfhouse'

Ilya-na Surfhouse. Of course the name Ilyana comes from Ilya(s) and (Ni)na. But Ilyana as well is an Arabic girls name meaning “kindness” and “openness”. This is definitely how we want to be associated. As an open-minded and kind surfhouse where anybody is welcome to enjoy Morocco and it’s fun waves! 

Surfhouse is mentioned as we are a small-scaled accommodation with homely Moroccan vibes. We have grandma coming by with delicious foods, and friends supporting during the surf lessons. We are not a surf camp nor a luxurious hotel. We are a family-based, fun, and low-key Surfhouse.

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