Hi, I’m Nina!


Hi! My name is Nina Ottevanger, 26 years of age and coming from the Netherlands.

I grew up in a city far from the ocean with my parents and two big brothers. The Ottevanger family can be described as sportive and adventurous. Together we travelled all over the world during holidays. We visited countries as China, Costa Rica and my all-time favorite, Indonesia. Until now I still thank my parents for showing me the world from a young age. Travelling made me the adventurous and curious person I am today. My mom would say ‘staying amazed by what you see and do, will always keep you young and alive’, and I totally agree to this!

My love for travelling brought me to Breda where I studied Tourism and Leisure managements. Breda provided me some good parties but also, of course, fun travels! Together with my study-buddy Jolien, I travelled to Morocco for the first time in my life, and I LOVED it!

Morocco to me is the smell of, with love cooked tajines, and the beautiful colors of the spices being used in it. Morocco is the solution to winter-dips in Europe and it’s my second family, Ilyass his family of course!

I met Ilyass during my first trip to Morocco. A surfer who was going to teach me the basics of this adventurous watersport. Now it turns out he is not only the surf instructor who taught me the basics, no, he is my all-time surfcoach and husband!

I do like surfing a lot and definitely want to get better at it, but it is not my entire world. I will always keep exploring more than only the coastline of Morocco. With me, you can always get lost a little or drive towards what seems to be mountains to find a nice hiking-trail.

With Ilyana Surfhouse I want to share my passion for surfing in the beautiful country Morocco. I want everyone to feel welcome and at home, as we are family!

Who is coming along on my adventures? Everyone is welcome!