Surfcoaching & Stay

This package is meant for surfers who are already comfortable catching green waves by themselves.

Surf coaching is different from surf lessons as the instructor will be watching you from the beach.  Because of his great positioning, the surf coach can see every inch of the wave that you catch! This way you can receive detailed feedback on how you surf the wave and how your techniques can be improved. 

Not only the instructor can see your wave, but you as well! Surf coaching sessions are including video analysis. 

The surf coaching sessions are given at surf spots suitable for the specific level of the surfer. It is mandatory to be able to surf individually to book this package.

Personalize your surftrip

  • 6 nights | 3 days surfcoaching €440,00

    This package is for surfers who can catch waves individually, but still like to have the combination of surf coaching and surf lessons. The one session you will be coached and filmed from the beach, the other day the instructor will be with you in the water for support. Every second session of the day will be a free surf.

  • 6 nights | 5 days surfcoaching €560,00

    Are you comfortable surfing green waves but want to work on your techniques? Then this package will be suitable for you. The instructor is at the beach, watching and filming your waves. In the evening you reflect on your surfvideo's together with the instructor. Every second session of the day will be a free surf.

  • Customize your package

    Want to adjust your package for a different amount of nights, or maybe more days of surfing? Choose the Surfcoaching & Stay package as a basis and personalize your package in the requestform.

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