We are Ilyana Surfhouse!


We are Nina and Ilyass, founders of Ilyana Surfhouse. Sharing our passion for surfing in the most beautiful country in the world has been our dream since we met each other!

How did that happen? Nice that you ask! We met each other while Nina was visiting Rabat to learn to surf for the first time. Knocking on a door in the medina, she was right in time for the lesson. Ilyass opened up and they had the most fun catching waves together.

So the story began!

After our first surf session together, there were many more surfs to come! Together we lived for 6 months in the south of Morocco where we worked in both different surf camps. Ilyass worked as a surfing instructor and Nina had the function of host and marketing specialist. After having the experience of working at surf camps, we realized that we are the perfect match to start our own surfhouse.

At the south? No way! We love the North of Morocco. The surf spots work all year round and there are less crowded line-ups. There are beaches for every level of surfing, and we love to be surrounded by the city of Rabat and the family of Ilyass.

At the moment, we live together in The Hague, The Netherlands. During the summer we both work at Hartbeach Surfschool in Scheveningen. During the winter we are in Morocco welcoming everyone who wants to experience our ideal life of surfing and exploring Morocco.

Our dream is to live full-time in Morocco and be able to welcome you all year-round. Let’s make that dream come true!