Surfing frustrations – 6 tips to win!

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Do you sometimes get frustrated while surfing? No worries, everyone has this sometimes! So does Ilyass, and so do I. We do not want to let the waves, or your mindset ruin the fun of surfing. But sometimes you can just get so frustrated in the water!

Here 6 tips to keep having fun, and not get frustrated while surfing!

#1 Choose the right surfboard

Perhaps you are so eager to try that shortboard that you just bought new. Or maybe you had the last session so much fun on a single fin. Choosing the right equipment before you enter the water, is a key factor for having fun during your surf. I think it is always good to keep challenging yourself, but make sure that a challenge in equipment does not ruin your fun.

You see that the waves are small? Then you might want to choose a surfboard that has more volume. This way you can more easily paddle for the wave and catch that little ‘mouja’ that nobody else can catch!

#2 Check the conditions and set your goals

Always check the surf conditions before you enter the water. How are the waves, is the wind in my favor or perhaps there is a lot of current? Those are factors that can influence your surf session deeply!

If you set achievable goals for yourself, you will be disappointed less quickly! When I see that the waves are very big, I do not set my goals on improving my maneuvers. My goal will be to JUST CATCH WAVES!

Catching wave at surflesson

#3 Never compare

Do never, but NEVER compare yourself with other people in the line-up. Maybe the surfer that you are jealous on, has been surfing his whole lives and just had more hours of practice. Always stay close to yourself and keep reflecting on yourself. Do not compare yourself with others in the water and keep sticking to your own personal goals.  

#4 New session, new mindset

You are surfing and getting frustrated, but not done surfing yet. Just get out of the water for a little bit. Sit on the beach and evaluate the line-up. Repeat tip 2 and maybe even tip 1. Or perhaps find a better peak with more suitable waves or less people.

After 10 minutes, get back out there with a resettled mindset! It will be as a new session with new spirits!

#5 Surf with friends

After your condition-check you see that the waves are quite a challenge for you. What do you do? You don’t go out at all? HELL NO! Go out there with friends! There is no better surf, than a shared surf with friends. Support one another and push each other over those limits, fears or whatever you can cheer each other up for! LETS GO!

#6 Enjoy your surrounding

When frustrated, just look around you. You’re sitting on your surfboard and are surrounded by people who share the same passion as you, to enjoy a playground called nature. Embrace the sun in your face, feel the salty water in your hair and look at the landscapes that nobody else experiences like you, from your surfboard.

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