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Hey all! You have booked your trip to Morocco and Ilyana Surfhouse is confirmed. Are you ready for your (surf) trip to Morocco? Well, after reading this blog with the best packing tips you surely will be. 

I, Nina, like to start packing a couple days before leaving on a holiday. This way, I can see what is still missing in my bag and still have time to get to the shop and get my luggage complete. To be a structured packer you can start at the bottom and work your way up, or work with different subjects of items you need. So; LET’S GO!

Rabat Medina

Clothing to pack for Morocco

Traveling to Morocco can be diverse for what clothing to pack. As Morocco stretches over more than 3,500km of coastline, there are plenty of different climates to find in Morocco. As well, we take in consideration that Morocco is an Islamic country so the ladies will have to be slightly covered walking on the Moroccan streets. On the beach, be free and enjoy the sun in your boardshorts or Bikini, but be aware when walking back home through the old medina. That being said; Hereby my packing tips for clothing! 

Shoes & Socks
Shoes you can walk well on
Flip-flops (for shower or to the beach)
Warm socks for the mornings/evenings
 Anckle socks for the day

Jeans & shorts
Long jeans (preferably wide and airy)
Jogging (after surf-chillings!)
(swim) shorts

Underwear & Swimwear
Comfy swimwear for under your wetsuit 
Enough underwear for the week

Short sleeve & comfy (try to avoid crop-tops in Morocco)
Long sleeve for evenings/morning (winter)
Comfy sweater, easy fit
Windproof jacket
Ilyana hoodie (of course!)

Other items
Pyjama or sleeping wear

Hat, cap and/or beanie
Scarve or cover-up (in case you enter religious scenery)
Beach towel


Toiletries to pack

You will be staying at either the Surfhouse or the homestay of Ilyana Surfhouse. In both accommodations the shower towel is provided for you. To make your after-surf shower the most comfortable, do not forget the following items! If you only travel with handluggage, you can as well purchase most toiletries items in the shop just outside the front door. Toothbrush, small shampoo packaging. Moroccans all use it as well 😉 

Feel better to bring everything with you? No doubt! Hereby a little packing list for the toiletries. 

As mentioned above, you can buy most items in Morocco! Nevertheless, there are a few things you better bring from home to have ultimate comfort. 

Sunscreen is an expensive buy in Morocco ánd only to be found in the Pharmacy or bigger supermarkets. It is best to bring this from home. Are you surfing as well? Then we will have Zinc-sunscreen from Megazinco which you can use to protect your most sensitive skin from the sun during the surf-session.

Leave-in conditioner
Are you a die-hard surfer? Then this tip is not only for your Morocco Surf trip but an all time tip to keep your hair ALIVE as a surfer, ánd feel fresh after a sesh. 

I love to use the leave-in cream after a surf session. It keeps the hair hydrated and take out the salty and sticky feeling from the hair. 

Toothbrush + toothpaste
Leave-in conditioner 😯 
 Hair Brush
Sunscreen / Zinc-sunscreen
Day/night cream
Contact lenses
Hand sanitizer
Pain relievers
 Earplugs (perhaps you get woken by the Mosque in the morning)

Surf Packing

Visiting Ilyana Surfhouse to surf? Hereby some tips in case you bring your own surf-materials, ór if you are just renting gear at Ilyana Surfhouse. 

First of all, make sure to contact Boardbagger in case you do not have the right boardbag for this trip. You can rent a boardbag for the trip and not have to deal with a big boardbag stocked at home. Most boardbags have wheels, so no carrying around with your heavy surf-luggage anymore! Book your boardbag with the discountcode: IlyanaXBoardbagger.

Are you doubting to bring your own board or rent with Ilyana Surfhouse? We always say; bring your own! Read in which case we recommend surfing your own board

If you are not bringing your own surf-materials, but you are renting or having lessons with Ilyana Surfhouse; we still recommend you bringing the following items if you have them. If not; no worries, we have got your bag! 

Beach Bag
Bring a bag big enough to fit your clothes, a bottle of water, sunscreen, a good book and your lunchbox. 
If you have one, bring it! Is super useful to fit a lot of stuff in the airplane ánd you will be able to bring your wet wetsuit nicely from the beach to the house. 
Beach-towel or surf-poncho
Sometimes we might surf at a beach with no changing room. Therefore you will need to bring a big beach towel that you can change in, or a surf-poncho. 



Boardbag (from boardbagger)
Your surfboard(s) well packed

Leash (+ back-up leash)
Wetsuit 4/3 (always good) or 3/2
Changing poncho
Surfboard-Wax (water temperature not below 17°)
Surf Fins & fin-screw
Surfboard/wetsuit Repair Kit
Zinc-Surfscreen (recommendation: Megazinco)

Miscellaneous & handluggage items

Most important to pack is your passport! You will need to bring your passport if you want to enter the kingdom of Morocco.  Take in consideration that this passport needs to be valid for another 6 months at the day you are leaving Morocco again. 

A special visa is not needed for travellers from the EU or UK. If you are traveling with another nationality, please do not hesitate to ask us for more information through the question-form below.

Ilyana Surfhouse requests a payment in cash. Therefore, you can bring Euro’s from home or take out Moroccan Dirhams from the ATM in Rabat. 

Miscellaneous items
Phone (how could you forget)
Copy passport
Plug adapter (Type C & E are used, same as most in Europe)
Translations of your allergies for ordering food outside (Arabic & French)

Hand luggage items
A good (e-)book
Lip Balm


Surely there is a ‘last but not least’ in this travelblog of Ilyana Surfhouse. But, we also like to note down a few things that we think are overrated. 

Overrated items on a surfing trip
 Make-up (saves you from bringing make-up remover)

Definitely to not forget! 
An empty suitcase for all Moroccan souvenirs
A pot of ‘Calve Pindakaas’ for Nina if coming from the Netherlands.
Big Smile 😀
Lot’s of surfing energy!