Why surf your own board


A surfer with it’s own board is just like two souls connected to stick together forever. Or not? We see that many surfers have their own boards, but decide not to bring them on a holiday. In this blog you read why Ilyana Surfhouse encourages most surfers to bring their own boards on a surf trip. 

"I don't surf so well yet on my own board.."

Yes! That is the exact reason why you should bring your own board! We believe that you can make the most progress if you surf a board that you are already used to, and where you can keep progressing on during other trips or sessions. You grow confidence of concurring waves together instead of having short-term relationships with a rental-surfboard on location.  

Is your board not yet a fit for you? Just bring it along! Perhaps we will start the week with a slightly bigger board to get in the flow of surfing and so that we (Ilyass and I) can see your level of surfing and focus-points to work on. Perhaps on a second or third day,  we continue the surfing lessons or coaching with surfing your own board. We can give practical tips on the combination of ‘you and your board’.

Rental surfboards at Ilyana Surfhouse

In case you are surfing a soft-top at home, we recommend you leaving this beauty behind. We have a big variety of soft-tops to rent and are sure to find a good fit for you during your stay. 

For surfing a hard-top we have a variety of surfboards ranging between the 5’11 and 9’0 foot surfboards. So there will most of the time be a good fit for your surf-skills or requests. Nevertheless, we do not have endless boards for rent and your preferred board (that you have at home as well), might already be in use by another surfer. Therefore, we like to say; if you have a very specific wish for a board, take your own with you or let us know beforehand so we can discuss the possibilities. 

No more excuses with Boardbagger

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